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No.First authorTitle
1V. DeuterEUV interference and proximity lithography
FZ Jülich
2H. LuReflection‐mode Coherent Diffraction Imaging using Laboratory Light SourcesRWTH
3K. JimenezOptical And Structural Characterization Of Nb, Zr, Nb/Zr, Zr/Nb Thin Films On Si3N4 Membranes WindowsU Padova
4N. A. MalikEUV/FUV polarimetric study of Single layer graphene/SiO2 (285nm)/siliconU Padova
5K. WieseDetermination of optical constants in the VUV by combining reflectometry and ellipsometryPTB
6R.W.E. van de KruijsIn‐situ stress and in‐vacuo LEIS surface metrology of ultrathin film growthU Twente
7L. BahrenbergCompositional pellicle characterization by EUV reflectance and transmittance measurementsRWTH
8D. WilsonOn space charge effects in laboratory based photoemission electron microscopy using compact gas discharge EUV sources
FZ Jülich
9F. MelsheimerStudy of plasma dynamics and spectral tunability in hollow cathode triggered gas‐discharge sourcesFZ Jülich
10S. GlabischSpectral characterization of the EUV emission of a gas discharge plasma light source ignited by a high voltage trigger
11N. BöweringAnalysis of improvement potential of electrodeless discharge EUV light source for metrology
U Bielefeld
12V. Zabrodskii4H ‐ SiC detectors for VUV spectral rangeIoffe
13A. SokolovAn XUV At‐Wavelength Metrology facility at BESSY‐II for precision diffraction gratingsHZB
14P. BaumgärtelRAY‐UI: Extensions compared to RAYHZB
15F. SiewertThe new BESSY‐II Optics Laboratory ‐ a Facility for Measuring ultra‐precise XRay OpticsHZB
16M. BayraktarBroadband spectrometer development based on high‐density free‐standing transmissiong gratings
MESA U Twente