Final Program

The seminar will take place in the lecture hall at

PTB, Hermann-von-Helmholtz building, Abbestr 2-12, 10587 Berlin.

ready to print:   final_program_day1.pdf   final_program_day2.pdf

Thursday, October 19

09:00Registration & Poster Set-up & Coffee
10:10M. RichterVUV and EUV Metrology Activities at PTBPTB
10:30Session I: Detectors
10:30N. PapathanasiouSiC‐based radiometers: Status, Applications, OutlookSglux
10:50T. TanakaRadiometers for free‐electron lasersNMIJ / AIST
11:10R. IvanovSingle‐shot temporal characterization of soft X‐ray SASE FELDESY
11:30O. Pronin130 W, 240 MW, 30 fs laser oscillator for XUV generationMPI‐QO
11:50Group Photo
12:00Lunch Buffet
13:00Poster & Coffee
14:00Session II: Instruments
14:00J. LarruquertNew tools for optical constant calculation and analysis
14:20P. ZuppellaEUV ellipsometric measurements: a proof of concept
14:40L. GavilanXUV optical constants of tholins for the study of Titan's atmosphereLATMOS
15:00J.‐P. HalainThe Solar Orbiter EUI instrument on‐ground calibration activitiesCSL
15:20M. MüllerSoft x‐ray spectroscopy and microscopy using a table‐top laser‐induced plasma source
15:40K. MoshammerVUV‐Radiation for Combustion Chemistry AnalysisPTB
16:40Session III: Optics
16:40M. StörmerRu/C multilayers for X‐ray tomography and imagingHZG
17:00S. KrokerWire grid polarizers for the DUV und VUV spectral rangePTB & TU BS
17:20End of Sessions
19:00Get Together & Dinner Buffet
22:00End of Day 1

 Friday, October 20th

09:00Session IV: EUVL (I)
09:00V. BanineEUV Lithography nowASML
09:20H. EnkischManufacturing and Industrialization of EUV Lithography OpticsCZ SMT
09:40P. PennartzSpecific Multilayer Applications in EUV Lithography machinesRigaku
10:40Session V: EUVL (II)
10:40N. ChkhaloBe‐based multilayers for EUV spectral rangeIPM RAS
11:00N. BöweringCleaning of tin‐drop contaminated EUV optics by initiation of phase transformationU Bielefeld
11:20T. FeiglReflective EUV diffusorsoptiXfab
11:40M. MeboniaExperimental studies of the propagation of programmed buried defects into multilayer coatingsFZ Jülich
12:00Lunch Buffet
13:00Poster & Coffee
14:00Session VI: EUV Scattering
14:00I. EnglardMulti‐dimensional metrology process control challenges for the 5nm node and belowAMIL
14:20Y. EkinciEUV actinic mask inspection using coherent scattering methodsPSI
14:40A. Fernandez
Impact of grating line roughness in the resonant diffuse scatteringPTB
15:00Wrap‐up and ClosingPTB
15:15End of the Seminar